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Australian Shepherds


Australian Shepherds, like English Shepherds, descended from the old Scotch Collies.  Their background is debatable, but we know that they developed from the American farm collies who interbred with Pyrenean (Basque) sheepdogs and other types of working farm dogs all over the country.

Here at Panther Ranch, we will always have an Aussie or two on the place but we breed infrequently.  We do not have the type of farm to truly evaluate working traits for this breed.  We select for dogs that are capable of handling cattle on small or large operations.  We will only breed an Aussie if we know for sure that the dog will low-heel, a trait that we feel is slowly but surely disappearing from many working lines as dogs are bred for ring competition.  Historically, Aussies were known for the excellent ability to push from behind and hit heels.  Almost any good working Aussie today will go strongly to the head quite naturally but it is getting rarer and rarer to see a dog that will do that fancy, head-turned, hit-and-back out snakelike heeling behavior.  We wish to preserve this trait for future generations.

Right now we have one bitch of breeding age and one older couch potato.  Watch this page for future breeding plans.  If we do not have puppies we will happily refer to you breeders that are selecting for the same traits we are.

We strongly support the American Working Farmcollie Association, AWFA  This is a registry that qualifies dogs to be registered in the areas of herding, guarding, and hunting.  Any herding breed or mix is able to be registered if they qualify in two of the three designated categories. 

Resident Australian Shepherds

Slash V Blackberry Bramble

Slash V Steel Smoke x H Cross Short Round


AuxArcs Delilah


Powerpaks High Roller STD-c FDX ADC TT RPT x Powerpak AuxArcs Sneak Attack




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