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Available Dogs

Panther Ranch Butch Cassidy of Cimarron

(adolescent male)

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Please note:  I work closely with a few other people in my breeding program and I am on top of what's happening on the breeding scene within the United States.  If I have nothing available, please do not hesitate to contact me for places to look for your perfect dog.  I am happy to help you get connected so that you can make an educated decision on a puppy, even if it's not from me. 


You will find that this attitude is quite common among English Shepherd breeders and it's a refreshing difference from the fierce and sometimes ugly competition you can find in other breeds.  We seem to want good dogs going where they are needed. Most of us are farmers, and I think that's the difference.  We are used to working as a friendly community!

Upcoming Litters

English Shepherds, Autumn 2018

Red Bank Purple Haze

I am starting a list of people for this litter. Hazy will be bred to a dog with a strong work ethic and a biddable personality.  I am currently looking at a stud dog to choose.  Hazy is trustworthy with poultry and cats and a little on the shy side, though I believe her shyness is more a lack of early socialization than a genetic trait.  She is very laid back and non-reactive, the essence of a thoughtful, reasonable dog. Stay tuned for more details!

Autumn/Winter 2018

Slash V Blackberry Bramble

If you are looking for a gritty cowdog and want an injection of heritage pedigrees, you won't want to miss this exciting litter.  Health checks on Briar are pending and after they are complete, we will move forward with this incredible opportunity.  I am intentionally keeping our plans a secret at the moment, but when you hear what it is you will definitely know why I am super stoked about this litter!!!  I am breeding this litter for dogs that will fancy low heel and be strong on the head, be biddable and sweet pets, and may or may not have watchdog instinct (Briar doesn't really have it, never really met a stranger).

Spring 2019

Panther Ranch Waylon Jennings of Blacksheep x

Cimarron Laura Chavez

We are gathering health clearances for these two and waiting for Waylon to grow up a little bit.  Temperaments and pedigrees for this litter should make for a good nick!  Laid back, thoughtful, deliberate workers who are tolerant kid dogs and truly rules-oriented with the stock.  Both of these dogs are closet clowns but try to keep up appearances of dignity most days.  Both are silent workers with large force of personality and I expect offspring should be able to handle all types of livestock.  Both are trustworthy with poultry and cats.




All purebred dogs advertised on this page are registered with the English Shepherd Club, the United Kennel Club, or the Australian Shepherd Club of American (ASCA).  Farm collie mixes or curs may be registered with the American Working Farmcollie Association (AWFA) .

Our warranty to owners:

  • The dog will work stock

  • The dog will be a safe and enjoyable family companion. 

  • The dog shall be free of any genetic health issues that prevent a good quality of life and/or prevent the dog from working in its intended job. 

  • The dog may be returned to us at any time for any reason.

Warranty requirements for owners:

  • The owner shall socialize and train the dog, which includes a two to three week controlled period when the dog first comes home.

  • The owner shall take reasonable precautions that the dog be safe in its environment.  Special attention should be given to roads and general "sticking around" rules.

  • The owner shall provide good food, water and shelter to the dog.

  • THE DOG SHALL BE INCLUDED IN THE DAILY LIFE OF THE OWNER, and shall not be kept constantly penned or tied up.  The dog should be a working partner on the farm and not a yard ornament.

  • Panther Ranch has first right of taking dog back should re-homing be necessary. Other arrangements can be made through mutual agreement with owner and Panther Ranch.

All dogs will be current on vaccines and on flea and heartworm preventative.

Our mentors are Elaine Reynolds of Cimarron English Shepherds, Tish Toren of Blacksheep English Shepherds, and for Aussies I rely heavily on advice from my good friend Terry Martin of Slash V Australian Shepherds.  I sometimes take pups and older dogs from Cimarron and Blacksheep English Shepherds for training, socialization and placement.  I have access to urban and suburban areas and I have been a dog trainer for 25 years, so it is easy for me to ensure that puppies and older dogs get ongoing training and work in the areas of socialization, basic obedience, and exposure to cats, chickens, hogs etc.  I start housetraining, settling indoors and out, and all dogs are trained to ride well in cars and tolerate crates. 

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We strongly support the American Working Farmcollie Association, AWFA  This is a registry that qualifies dogs to be registered in the areas of herding, guarding, and hunting.  Any herding breed or mix is able to be registered if they qualify in two of the three designated categories. 






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