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English Shepherds


We breed for a high level of intuition, that special quality that the English Shepherd is so famous for.  We also select for a laid-back, mellow personality that bonds strongly to family and home. We want a dog that is tough enough to handle cow/calf pairs and gentle enough to nose baby chicks back when they wander.  We select dogs with strong character for predator control and guardianship of stock. 

While there are of course variations in individual personalities and body types, an English Shepherd should possess:

  • The ability to bond deeply and totally with his family, in a way that is difficult to describe until you have experienced it.  English Shepherds, even when they are not working dogs, are devoted and loving family companions.

  • Trustworthiness with small stock and large.  You should not have to pen your English Shepherd after he passes the puppy stage and has had a chance to learn the farm routines.

  • The ability to learn routines without special or intense training, and a desire to "help" with anything you do.  People do train their dogs with formal commands, and it sure doesn't hurt to have a well-trained dog, but the reality is that most good English Shepherds will just jump in and understand what is needed without much training.  After all, farmers aren't necessarily dog trainers!  We need a dog that can do it on instinct, with minimal training.   

  • A bossy and confident character when completing tasks.  English Shepherds should be able to instinctively see problems and then take charge of solving them.   This can mean everything from alerting us that the horses are out or by keeping the goats out of the barn.  This also extends to babysitting kids--there are numerous stories about dogs that prevent children from going into the road or alerting us that the children are up to no good.

  • A tendency to be a serious watchdog, alerting when strangers arrive, and using good judgment about the threat.

  • The desire and ability to take care of predator problems, preventing strange dogs and coyotes from access to the farm and also by killing smaller predatory killers such as raccoons, possums, snakes and rats.

  • A double coat of varying length, perfect for harsh winters or hot summers.

  • A medium size.  English Shepherds can vary from a whippy little 40 pound dog to a substantial 75 pounds.  The dogs here usually range between 45-60 pounds at adulthood, slightly larger than an average Border Collie.

  • Long or naturally bobbed tails.  We do not dock in this breed and it is common to have any length of tail.  They are all beautiful!

  • English Shepherds can be registered in three reputable organizations;  with the English Shepherd Club and also with the United Kennel Club, and with the American Working Farm Collie Association, AWFA.  We strongly support the AWFAThis is a registry that qualifies dogs to be registered in the areas of herding, guarding, and hunting.  Any herding breed or mix is able to be registered if they qualify in two of the three designated categories.

See our litter page for information on upcoming litters. 

Resident English Shepherds

(individual pages coming soon)

Broken Wire Marley

Ford's Chesney Buddy x Cimarron Smudge

Blacksheep Waylon Jennings of Panther Ranch

Blacksheep Prince Valiant x Blacksheep Tiger Lily

Cimarron Laura Chavez

Cimarron Sam x Cimarron Simply Sofie

Picture coming soon Red Bank Purple Haze

Heidtman's Rousch x Heidtman's Ziggy

Cimarron Jolene

Gone too soon... 

Red Bank Whisper of Smoke x Cimarron Ladybug




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