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Cur Dogs and Farm Collies

Bewick's Cur

Old Time Farm Shepherd



Curs--Cur dogs are traditionally a mix of a hound breed and a herding breed.  This particular mix usually results in a mellow, friendly dog with lots of herding and hunting instincts.  Our first cur litter was a "happy accident," when a beautiful American Leopard Hound Lothario impregnated our old-fashioned Australian Shepherd bitch.  The pups turned out AMAZING. 

After the accidental breeding took place we spent lots of time researching curs and their uses, and we feel that the same specialization issues have occurred in many of the purebred cur breeds around today.  Primarily, we want a cur dog that does not need to be penned and can function as a hunter and a herder.  We evaluate the herding side of the equation for drive to work and drive to hunt, to make sure we are combining the right dogs to produce true all-around working dogs that also can really hunt.

Curs are just another branch on the general-purpose farm dog tree, with a little hunting blood combining with the good work ethic and herding instincts of the collie breed added.  Like hounds, these dogs usually are a laid-back, mellow, sweet personality content to lie around and be fun for the kids, but have some serious chops when it comes to squirrel hunting, bay dog work for hogs, and the ability to handle rank cattle.  They are always smooth-coated with a good undercoat that can handle harsh winters and hot summers.

Breeds that we would use for the mix include Feist, Black-Mouth Cur, Leopard Hound or Catahoula.   Puppies can be registered with the American Working Farm Collie Association, AWFA.

Farm Collies--Once in a blue moon, if we have an English Shepherd and an Australian Shepherd that meld well behaviorally, we may do a crossbred litter with the same selection criteria that we use for English Shepherd breedings.  Aussies often have fancier "herding moves" than the average English Shepherd, and ES have a more intuitive approach.  Crossbreds of this type, even accidental breedings, are usually really good working dogs that have the mellow, intuitive drive of an English Shepherd with a touch of the hard-pushing, natural-rating capabilities of the Aussie.  We will only do breedings that are selected for working traits.  We caution you to beware of the "Old Time Scotch Collie" and the "Farm Collie" breeders that are selecting for the "Lassie Look" as a first priority.  There are others like us who are selecting for working, but many of the prominent breeders of mixed Farm Collie types are striving for a look and a laid-back pet-dog temperament only, and have not evaluated their dogs or their progeny as real farm dogs.

See our litter page for information on upcoming litters. 

This is 7-month-old Diesel, a blue merle cur from our American Leopard Hound/Australian Shepherd accidental litter.  He and his littermates that are in working homes are showing all the traits we would hope for in a good cur dog.


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